About Us


After working in fashion industry for 5 years, I realised that there is not a single homegrown affordable brand for today's Indian men , so I decided to start AakarTaro.
The main idea to make a homegrown brand for men which plays a little part in preserving our arts and culture by reinventing it in a way so that it can worn in everyday life.

Ruchika Choudhary

Designer & Founder of Aakar Taro


All our shirts are created using old age technique of hand printing by our artisans in local Kharkhanas. We make in-house prints and process them through the art of screen printing. We use high quality lightweight cotton fabric which is super comfortable to wear.


The effort & heart's desire was to make something that we had already worn, Shirts.We want to make everyone fall in love again with our crafts, culture and art. The goal is create something for us, from us, from here and can be worn far everywhere. We want to revive and represent craftsmanship through our shirts with today's fashion sensibility. Our shirts can be worn from the streets of Jaipur to the streets of NYC & Milan.Our vision is to create a product which people can wear on day to day life specially the artists, writers, filmmakers, skateboarders, dreamers, travellers and any person who loves art.