• Aakar Taro, the word Aakar means 'shape' and Taro means 'you'.
    The goal & hearts desire was to make something that we had already worn, Shirts.
    Wanted to make everyone fall in love again with our crafts, culture and art.
    We wanted to create something for us, from us, from here and can be worn far everywhere.
    Our shirts created using the old age technique of hand printing by our artisans in local Karkhanas.
    We want to revive our great old age craftsmanship through our shirts with the unique touch of modern world.
    Our prints can be worn from Chauda Rasta Jaipur to the streets of NYC and London.
    Our vision is to create a product which people can wear on day to day life specially the artists, writers, filmmakers and any person who loves art.